“Episode – series – series products” as structural components of modern culture

Tymofii Kokhan
Institute for Cultural Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv.

ORCID 0000-0003-1134-9761

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37627/2311-9489-22-2022-2.38-45

Keywords: episode – series – series products, cultural creation, problem area, professionalism.

Abstract. It is argued that from decade to decade Ukrainian humanities are actively expanding the research space, discovering new, theoretically important “problem areas”, the understanding of which may have prospects by using the potential of cultural analysis, including factors such as “interdisciplinarity”, “personalization” and “dialogue”. These include a range of issues related to the specifics of the “series”.

It is noted that due to the involvement of the concept of “paradigm” in the analysis of the situation in the field of art, the facts of partial or complete change, especially patterns of thinking in motion from film to TV series and from cinema to television.

It is stated that the interest in television in general and the “television series” in particular intensified during the ’70s and ’90s. This was due to a number of reasons, including the rapid entry into the space of humanitarian knowledge of cultural studies. As a unity of history and theory of culture, it prompted a revision of the research orientation of the traditional humanities.

It is noted that the ability to record the transformation of “film – series” encourages the use of art history dimension of culturology – a science that represents a combination of three components: theory, history and art criticism. At the same time, the history of art is seen as a procedural phenomenon, as it accumulated gradually: art forms were formed not simultaneously but over the centuries, entrenched in the dynamic movement of artistic development of reality.

Author Biography.

Tymofii Kokhan, Ph.D. in Arts, Institute for Cultural Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv.



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PDF (Ukrainian).

Published: July 15, 2022.

Vol 22 No 2 (2022).