Publication Ethics

The Editorial Board of The Culturology Ideas journal follows the international standards of Publication Ethics based on  COPE Code of Conduct recommendations and general requirements for Journal Editors approved by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The Editorial Board decides whether to publish the submitted scientific article in the journal considering the following requirements: correct formatting and originality of the text (plagiarism), review results, the Editorial Board meeting’s results.

When deciding on the publication of the manuscript, the Editorial Board is guided by the publication ethics of the journal and does not allow to publish an article with an excessive percentage of non-original text (plagiarism), copyright infringement, libel, and insults, etc.

The final decision on publishing or declining the article is made by the Chief Editor.

The Editorial Board evaluates the manuscripts of the submitted articles regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, occupation, place of work and residence of the author, political, philosophical, religious and other views of his.

The Editorial Board is committed to:

  • maintain neutrality and objectivity in relation to all members of the editorial process;
  • strive to meet the needs of readers and authors;
  • continually improve the journal;
  • ensure the quality of published material;
  • support freedom of speech;
  • maintain the integrity of scientific research;
  • adhere to the principles of confidentiality of information, do not disclose ideas and/or any information about a submitted manuscript to the third parties;
  • always be willing to publish corrections, and clarifications when needed.

The Reviewer is required to provide an objective and reasoned assessment of the results of the study based on the essential comments and recommendations aimed at improving the scientific level of the manuscript. The material being reviewed is considered to be a confidential document that cannot be handed for reviewing or discussing to third parties unauthorized by the Editorial Board of the journal. Unpublished data obtained from manuscripts submitted for consideration should not be used by the Reviewer for personal purposes. Feedback on the article is confidential and cannot be disclosed. The name, surname, workplace, and position of the Reviewer remain anonymous.

The fact that the Author provides the manuscript for publication in the journal confirms the authorship of the scientific research. Subject to co-authorship, the manuscript is submitted by one of the authors. The materials provided for publication should contain the results of original scientific research. If fragments from the works of other authors are used in the article, proper referencing of such quotations is required by indicating the original source in the bibliographic list to the article. The Authors are fully responsibility for the content, originality and translation of the text of the articles, the scientific level and the accuracy of the information provided, as well as the fact that the submitted materials do not contain information with limited access.

The Authors are to ensure that the submitted manuscript is not published previously and is not subject to review in another edition. In case significant error or inaccuracy is discovered in the scientific material at any stage of the publication process, the Author is obliged to notify the Editorial Board of the journal about this fact.