Focus and Scope

The Institute for Cultural Research of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine issues the collection of scientific works The Culturology Ideas. It is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal presenting the results of fundamental and applied research on problems that have become of particular importance in the context of current cultural development processes in Ukraine and in the world.

The collection of scientific works The Culturology Ideas aims at the consolidation and support of research on cultural studies, philosophy of culture, art studies. The thematic focus of the professional scientific publication is concerned with covering the results of scientific research in cultural studies as a system of knowledge about the essence of culture, the regularity and development of the environment of human existence; the analysis of theoretical, historical, art, sociological and other aspects of Ukrainian cultural studies; the study of culture as an over-complex system as a global phenomenon originally associated with human development.

The journal publishes articles in the following areas:

  • theory and history of culture;
  • Ukrainian culture;
  • cultural anthropology;
  • sociology of culture;
  • screen culture;
  • cultural heritage research and preservation;
  • applied cultural studies and cultural practices;
  • ethnic cultural studies;
  • philosophy of culture;
  • world culture and intercultural connections.