Folklorism as the Phenomenon of Artistic Culture

Abstract. The article carries out cultural analysis of the essence of the concept of folklorism as a phenomenon of artistic culture through the understanding of its historical paradigm, the general features of the main trends of development and influence on the processes of cultural creativity, determines the quality and properties of the phenomenon of typological forms.
It is shown that the definition of folklorism as secondary or derivative forms of culture is used in this sense only in relation to folklore. Secondary to folklore, folklorism is primary, unique, independent phenomenon of the importance of culture. It is proved that the topic under consideration is relevant, requires special attention to research and further research in the cultural thought.
Folklorism — the structural component of the Ukrainian folk art culture with its numerous manifestations. Folklorism as a creative way to mastering method and folklore has a historical background. Formed as a result of individual creativity, passing through centuries in each historical period synchronized with the needs and demands of time.