Potential of International Cultural Cooperation under Conditions of Globalization: Ukrainian-Polish Correlations

UDC 304.4

Yurii Bohutskyi

Institute for Cultural Research of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Keywords: Ukrainian-Polish cultural interactions, national culture, identity, cross-cultural interaction, cultural space, globalization, state cultural policy.

Abstract. The article on the example of Ukrainian-Polish cultural interactions analyses the phenomenon of cross-cultural identity and correlation formed in the new post-Soviet ideology; it is about the cultural exchange of media concerning the formation of the humanitarian space of the two countries. Special attention is paid to the impact of state governance structures, in particular, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, on the formation of a modern cultural space regarding the processes of globalization in the world. Attention is concentrated on communicative practices that occur during the interaction of different cultures and form basic principles of modern European space. The subject of the study is specified in the identification of certain historical and cultural foundations of cross-cultural communication and self-organization.

Author Biography.

Yurii Bohutskyi, Academician of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Vice President of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Director of the Institute for Cultural Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv,


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Published: November 22, 2018.

Vol 13 No 1 (2018).