Plagiarizm as an Independent Constituent of Human Attraction to the Screen Space

UDC 7.061:316.77]:347.78] (045)

Maryna Mishchenko

Institute for Cultural Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv
ORCID 0000-0002-2066-8097

Keywords: plagiarism, screen, screen space, screen product, culture.

Abstract. The article represents the investigation of the culturological aspects of plagiarism as the inalienable constituent of the process of involving a man to the screen space.

Arguments for technological progress and the active use of modern technology by mankind, which has such a constructive feature as a screen or monitor, possessing both positive and negative effects on culture and creativity are provided.

In the context of the investigated range of problems, the term “screen space” is to understand as directly existent material space that includes various apparatus able to produce and show an image, and a subject or subjects that perceive these objects, as well as “virtual space” where various images, symbols, signs, their combinations exist.

It is certain that more attention is to spare to the development of the definition of the concept of plagiarism in the field of culture and art. It is conditioned by the fact that the most of analyzed classifications of plagiarism do not contain such a separate subspecies.

Level of intellectual development, individual psychological and moral internals of separate person also influence the degree of one’s bringing in to space of screen, personal subjective estimation of the screen product quality, and, accordingly, own attitude toward work and possible trenching upon stranger intellectual property.

Influence of screen space on the sphere of culture and art in the sense of such phenomenon as plagiarism is possible to name ambiguous, as, on the one hand, it illustrates democracy, pluralism of public ideas, variety and availability of screen space products, so it is positive. On the other, such variety can have negative influence that abuts upon violation of copyrights, and that is why requires implementing preventive measures such as popularization of legal facilities for their defense.

Author Biography.

Maryna Mishchenko, Ph.D. in Law, Acting of Head of Department of Department of Cultural Heritage Research & Preservation of Institute for Cultural Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv/


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Published: July 10, 2018.

Vol 13 No 1 (2018).