Personalized History of Futurism: the Experience of Reconstruction the Mikhail Semenko’s Literary Milieu

UDC 7.037.3-027.552(477

Svitlana Kholodynska

State Higher Education Establishment ‘Pryazovsk State Technical University’, Mariupol.

ORCID 0000-0002-6746-135X


Keywords: Ukrainian model of futurism, biography method, personalization, literary milieu, moral and legal aspect.

Abstract. The theoretical significance of formal and logical structure of “personalized history of futurism” is considered within the context of biographical method, as it was the literary milieu of M. Semenko who played specific role in establishment and development of Ukrainian futurism model. The methodology of the study is defined by the following general theoretical principles applied to analyse humanitarian problems: systematization, historicism, and objectivism. The novelty lies in systematization of M. Semenko’s literary milieu as well as in defining the significance of the role that some representatives of futurism played in its history. For the first time in Ukrainian humanities moral and legal approaches within biography factor are employed to analyse M. Semenko’s literary milieu. Conclusions. 1. It is shown that personalization as a constituent of biography method and fundamental principle of culturological analysis enables to reconstruct adequately personal aspect within logics of ‘construction’ the aim and goals of any radically new literary and artistic group and evaluate creative contribution of each member unbiased. 2. It is emphasized that literary men surrounding the founder of Ukrainian futurism M. Semenko came in gradually shaping Ukrainian model of futurism as an integral and original phenomenon in the culture of the 1910s–1930s. 3. Gradually widening the circle of Ukrainian futuristic movement members, this study reveals life and creative work of D. Buzko, V. Polischuk, O. Vlizko and O. Slisarenko.

Author Biography.

Svitlana Kholodynska, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, State Higher Education Establishment ‘Pryazovsk State Technical University’, Mariupol.


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Published: November 22, 2018.

Vol 14 No 2 (2018).