Methodological Approach to the Analysis of the Accordion Art of Serbia

Katarina Nisic

Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko, Sumy. Ukraine.

ORCID 0000-0001-6688-9840


Keywords: knowledge society, musical innovations, performing skills, art components.

Abstract. Modern society is increasingly acquiring the features of a ‘knowledge society’ as it develops based on the processes of production, distribution and use of scientific knowledge that allow to construct a new social reality, its economic and mental structures, a new way of life. This context makes relevant the issues of changing the socio-cultural status, functions and new tasks of the Institute of Higher Education as one of the main producers and disseminators of scientific knowledge. Much attention at the present stage of development of higher education is paid to the problem of transferring it to a musical innovative basis, i.e. considering such musical innovative elements in the training that would ensure an appropriate level of competitiveness of domestic education in the globalization of art. The article aims to substantiate and develop the methodological approach to the analysis of accordion art of Serbia in the context of the introduction of musical innovations. The research develops and substantiates a methodological approach to the analysis of accordion art, the main essential features of which are the assessment of each individual art component of experimental training, generalization of results and implementation of measures to improve the quality of professional communicative competence. It specifies indicators based on sustainable art components. To determine the intervals for assessing the quality of performance of future music teachers in the process of teaching accordion, the author proposes a corresponding scale.

Author Biography.

Katarina Nisic, graduate student of the Department of Fine Arts, Musicology and Cultural Studies, Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko, Sumy, Ukraine/


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PDF (Ukrainian)

Published: August 10, 2020.

Vol 18 No 2 (2020).