M. Semenkoʼs Culturological Conception

UDC 130.2 Semenko M.

Larisa Naumova
PhD in philosophy, assistent professor
of Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko Karyi Theatre,
Cinema and Television University, Kyiv

Abstract. Mykhaylo Semenko is a poet, founder and theoretician of Ukrainian futurism. In the poetic art he was very interesting author. In his poems he looked for new forms, images and methods of expression. In this way he was like P. Tychyna in Ukrainian literature and like V. Mayakovsky and V. Khlebnikov in Russian literature.

The activity of Mykhaylo Semenko was based not only on art and poetry. As an active proponent of futurism, Semenkofounded several Ukrainian futurist organizations and journals. He was interested in ways of building new art and cultureafter Bolshevik Revolution. He published many theoretical articles with researces of these problems.

His best known articlesabout this themes are: “Art as a cult” (March 1924) and “To the formulation of the question about using Leninism on the third ront” (November 1924), “Pan-Futurism (the art of transitional period)” (1922), “Some effects of destruction”(1922).

Mykhaylo Semenko worried about the absence of “Communist policy in art” in his time. And he made an attempt to work out his own system of “philosophical definition of revolution Marxism in culture and art”. In this way Mykhaylo Semenko developed his own culturological concept “the theory of cults” with the full interpretation of all elements of this system and new methodical decisions.

In his “theory of cults” he analysed each phenomenon of the culture as cult. So he called the religion, the art, the science etc as cults. There are construction and destruction elements in each cult. On his mind, the existence of each cult system is determined by the ideology and the texture (instead the form and the content as it was before).

He determined definitions of the ideology and the texture as new terms in his cultural theory. According to Ukrainian literature critic of the 1920-s Oleksandr Poltoratsky, the method of the ideology and the texture in the theory of Mykhaylo Semenko was a progressive strategy. The construction, the destruction, the obstruction and the extraction are the forms of the development of each cult.

Mykhaylo Semenko called for the destruction of all old forms in all areas of life. So named the art the “destruction cult”. According to Mykhaylo Semenko, the art, as each destruction cult, must die in his time. He developed the policy of work in the art field. The important part of this policy was destructive work. He, the famous man in poetry art, worked in destructive model of all arts.

Keywords: Mykhaylo Semenko, culture, art, cult, ideology, texture, construction.


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