Formation of Creative and Professional Dialogue of the Avant-gardists of the World: Interpretational Model by Bengt Jangfeldt

UDC 7.037.3

Svitlana Kholodynska

State Higher Education Establishment ‘Pryazovsk State Technical University’, Mariupol, Ukraine.

ORCID 0000-0002-6746-135X


Keywords: Bengt Jangfeldt, “aesthetics of budetlyan”, futurism, ego-futurism, ‘skimming over’, ‘play of sounds’, interpretational model.

Abstract. The article analyses fundamental study Stake is Life by the profound Swedish writer, scholar of Slavistics and translator of Russian poetry of the first half of the 20th century Bengt Jangfeldt in which the main attention focuses on the personality of V. Mayakovsky and his milieu. The article shows how the Swedish scholar proposed personal view of the role and place of futurism within the logics of Russian avant-garde establishment and development. Timeliness of study B. Jangfeldt’s viewpoint is motivated by the fact that the material he used in his work is of relevance to the history of Ukrainian futurism. Methodology of the study is stipulated by the specific character of the article theme and based on historical and chronological methods, as well as on the personalization principle as structural element of biography methodology. The study aims to introduce existing research space to a wide circle of both scholars and readers who are keen on theoretical understanding of avant-garde. The novelty of the study lies in a broad representation of scholars’ interpretational model concerning the place and the role of futurism in the logic within establishing and development of Russian avant-garde compared to out-of-dated and traditional approaches to Russian futurism. Actual importance of the study lies in analyzing creative and professional dialogue formation between European and Russian and Ukrainian avant-garde. Conclusions. It is noted that timing of appealing to B. Jangfeldt’s view is provoked by the fact that the material researched by the author is relevant to Ukrainian futurism history.

Author Biography.

Svitlana Kholodynska, Ph.D. in Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, State Higher Education Establishment ‘Pryazovsk State Technical University’, Mariupol, Ukraine.


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Published: June 20, 2019.

Vol 15 No 1 (2019).