Axiological Potential of Light and Darkness in the Semantic Field of the Old Testament

Abstract. The article presents a symbolic potential of light and darkness as axioconstructs and axioregulators at the symbolic level of the Old Testament. The peculiarities of light and darkness manifestation as specific cultural sanctions in the mechanism of regulating the ontological continuum of personality were highlighted.
The author determined their role in shaping axioconstants in the field of the Old Testament narrative. The semantics of light and darkness presentation as formative elements and value regulators that are inextricably linked with the process of personalizing an individual — one of the most important anthropological and cultural universals, was considered.
It was found that light and darkness are the active semantic, symbolic and metaphoric, mythopoetic constructs in the numinous field of the Bible which implement the necessity of existence of axial issues of the spiritual anthropology. Within the religious frame of the Old Testament texts light and darkness serve as the basis for a kind of dialogue between axiology and ontology, theology and cultural studies.